Hypertension Common Cause For Medical Care

In Central Alabama, it seems that people seek medical attention primarily because of hypertension, as indicated in recent health index published by the Blue Cross Blue Shield.

According to Dr. Pankaj Arora of UAB Division of Cardiology, lifestyle is a great factor that determines the risk of hypertension development in people. This is also especially true in Alabama. Likewise, Dr. Arora added that people normally develop hypertension because they do not exercise and eat health food. Moreover, smoking also contributes to the onset of hypertension.

As indicated by Dr. Arora, a number of people do not realize that they are suffering from hypertension. Thus, the first action that experts must take to decrease the numbers of people with high blood pressure is to increase the awareness of the public.

During clinical visits, blood pressure of patients is usually checked. However, people should not only rely on their clinical visits just to check their blood pressure. They should monitor their blood pressure regularly to check any changes that may be indicative of hypertension. People can have their blood pressure checked up for free in pharmacies.

According to Dr. Arora, with regular monitoring, people will become more aware of their blood pressure and will realize when they have developed hypertension. This way, people will have higher chances of preventing the onset of such condition. People should realize how serious is the current problem in hypertension, as it causes around 1,100 deaths in the US everyday.

In the numbers used for measuring blood pressure, the top one represents the systolic pressure. When people notice that their systolic pressure goes above 140 mmHg, then they must see their physicians right away. However, if the systolic pressure lies between 120 and 140 mmHg, it is indicative of pre-hypertensive condition. In such case, people should consider making significant changes in their lifestyle. Basically, lifestyle changes should include eating healthy foods and engaging in physical exercises. Moreover, people with pre-hypertension should monitor closely their alcohol consumption.

Hypertension is a dangerous health condition. It may lead to death if not managed properly. This condition may also lead to the development of other diseases, such as heart and kidney diseases, or cause stroke or loss of vision.

And with the coming holidays, the festivities will surely include the preparation of delicious foods, and a number of them are not entirely healthy for people. By now, people should consider the kind of food that they will eat and how much should go inside their body in order to avoid the onset of hypertension. For those who intent on attending parties or celebrations, they are advised to eat some light healthy snacks before they go out so they won’t eat much during the festivities. People are also recommended to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Lastly, for those who are already in medication, they should not ensure that their medicine supply does not run out.