This site is dedicated to Hypertension and issues relating to high blood pressure.  We post news articles and health tips relating to combating it.  We want to remind everyone that the first step is to consult a doctor who might recommend medication.  This is a life and death issue that is easy to get under control with some simple lifestyle changes.  After consulting your doctor be sure to talk to him about what exercise and diet changes  you should make.  An active life style doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym everyday.  See what the doctor recommends as far as how to in corporate an active life style into your daily routine.  Talk to him about what kind of diet changes you should make.  We regularly post information about foods that might help.  It’s about adding some things into your daily diet that help. It is also about avoiding certain foods.  This doesn’t mean you can never have it just do so in moderation. Be sure to book mark our page and check back often or even try signing up for our news letter.